Five Areas Where You Can Get the Best Property in Singapore

Do you want to get a fantastic apartment in Singapore? Buying a Singapore property can be quite expensive, but if you know the right areas, you will not have any problems. To help you out, we will cover the top five areas with unique apartments, which you can also get for a very good price.

Five Areas to Get the Best Property in Singapore

1.     North region

In the North region, you can find very nice offers on condos in the Yishun neighborhood. These apartments are special for their location and modern buildings. The North region is also known for its unforgettable sceneries and unique nature, which will make your living even more comfortable.

Lowest price: $1 650 000 for a 4-bedroom condo

2.     Central region

In the central region, you can find some of the best apartments. There are many amazing apartments in Singapore River, Bukit Timah, Downtown core – most famous parts of the Central region. Breathtaking views, river, and nature as well as modern houses and skyscrapers – you will have everything in the Central region.

Lowest price: $868 000 for condo

3.     Newton

Newton is another excellent area with luxurious apartments. There are several apartments in Newton circus and Istana Negara, which are available now. This area is unique, as there are many trees and amazing lush nature, which makes it even more beautiful. As part of the Central region, Newton is located close to all of the attractions of the center of Singapore, so you should check out condos available in this region.

Lowest price: $5 220 000 for a 3-bedroom condo

4.     East region

This area gives you a unique opportunity to live in modern buildings in Paya Lebar and Pasir Ris neighborhoods. The apartments here are very modern, and they are available for a very reasonable price. East region is also known for its great nature, fresh air, and it is very close proximity to the river. This makes this area very comfortable and great for a living.

Lowest price:  $900 000 for a 2-bedroom condo


5.     Queenstown

Queenstown is famous for its luxurious apartments and real estate. Unique nature, skylines, modern building – all of them are there, in Queenstown, which proves the name of this area. Of course, there are cheaper offers, but for now, only pricier are available, which are located in Kent ridge. Queenstown is also located in the Central region, which gives you more opportunities to explore the center of fast-developing Singapore.

Lowest price: $ 3 042 000 for a 4-bedroom condo

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In this list, we have mentioned the best areas in Singapore to get a property, but take note that Singapore is one of the most expensive countries to get real estate property. So be very attentive to all of the prices, as they are pretty high. The better the area, the higher is the price. But you can also find lower prices in good areas; you need to check all of the options available in a certain area.