The Expat’s Guide to Renting a Room in Belair Luxembourg

There are 24 sectors in Luxembourg, and Belair is one of the most prominent. This upscale neighborhood has plenty to offer for its residents. Located in the western part of Luxembourg City, it is a vibrant community of almost 12,000 people. Most of which are families living in houses spread on over an area of 2 km2. The vast majority of its residents are between 27 and 48 years of age. Also, almost 69% of all its residents are expats living in harmony with the remaining 31% of natives.

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How to rent a room in Belair?

The residential rental market in the city of Luxembourg has its own pace that might seem strange for many newcomers. Belair is no exception to that, and most rental rooms can be found through paper ads, online ads, and through rental agencies like Vauban Fort. The next thing to know about rental rooms in Belair is that most of them are rented on the spot. It’s pretty much first come, first serve. That’s because of two reasons. One is that the demand largely outweighs the offering, and you don’t hesitate when an opportunity occurs. The second one is, almost all rooms are quite convenient and often nicely furnished. Don’t expect to find too many low-quality rooms in Belair, if there are any at all.

Why is Belair so popular?

So, Belair is quite popular as a residential area, and there are some pretty good reasons behind this. Here are the best ones:

  • It is a cozy and calm community with many families living there. As a result, there are many nurseries, public schools, and parks.
  • Belair is very close to downtown Luxembourg City. The entire area is relatively flat, so it’s not that hard to get to the center with a bike. If you are not into biking, then you can catch a bus. The bus lines are CN2, 6, 8, 15, and 31.
  • Luxembourg’s main hospital and its central fire station are located there.
  • Belair is home of Stade Josy Barthel, Luxembourg’s national stadium.
  • Great restaurants and coffee shops.

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The downside of living in Belair

The quality of living in Belair may be excellent and praised by everyone that has ever set foot in there. But that doesn’t mean that it is all perfect. Here are a few minor downsides of living in Belair.

  • There aren’t too many leisure activities in Belair. Living there is excellent, the people are great, the entire infrastructure is exceptional, but that’s it. There are some restaurants and coffee shops, but there isn’t much more than beyond that.
  • Rush hour can be brutal. If you are caught in the rush hour, you can be stuck in traffic for quite some time.
  • Rental prices are quite steep. Belair is an upscale neighborhood in a city in which real estate is a huge commodity.


Belair is perfect for families and people that seek a quiet community that is not far from the center of the city. It is an urban area with its vibe where people appreciate calmness and order. Anyone searching for anything other than that can be only disappointed.