Why Do You Need a Realtor?

For many folks, purchasing a home is the biggest financial investment that they’ll make in their life. It is the one of the only times that someone can say they went shopping and bought something for (possibly more than) a quarter of a million dollars.

Don’t you think it’s important you have some assistance make this hugely important purchase?

A realtor is your advocate – you need a good one in your corner. They are the market export, who can give you information that you may not have known. They are also your master negotiator, aiming to get you your house at your desired price. They really are a triple threat – an independent contractor. Best of all, they are free!

Realtors are nothing new. In fact, nearly 90% of people buying homes bought it using the help of a real estate agent/realtor or real estate broker. This 90% number is actually a sharp increase, as in 2001 there were closer to 70% use.

If you are selling your home, you can rely on a realtor to find the most qualified buyer. They can also help you get through the sometimes complicated process of selling a home. We say “sometimes complicating” because the home selling rules are constantly changing and realtors have the job to always stay on top of these changes. They will help you keep everything legal, and perhaps even some loopholes.

A good real estate agent will direct clients interested in purchasing a home to the most beneficial financing options for the client’s specific situation. They will urge each and every client to make smarter, more informed decisions to prepare for the home buying and selling cycle.

Let use an example: say a person selling their home wants to list their home; they may be told to take a home equity line of credit (HELOC) before they list in order to make needed repairs. This is because as soon as a property is listed, the bank will not lend on it anymore. Someone interested in buying the house might be recommend to not buy a car immediately before starting or closing on the purchase of a home. This is because such a large purchase would change their debt-to-income ratio and may end up disqualifying them for a home loan they would have otherwise been approved for.


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A realtor will know all the best contractors in the area and they will be able to refer them easily to a new homeowner and/or someone selling their house. To put it simply:  a real estate agent is the link between the world of real estate and the real estate beginner.

One of the most important roles a real estate agent must fulfill to be an unbiased voice of reason. They should be the objective and unbiased set of eyes watching the transaction. They can urge a seller to see outside of their personal and skewed connection to a property. Likewise, they can help a buyer stay calm and steady when they are faced with a stressful multiple-bid situation.

They are here to help a save the buyer money and also to help a seller make the most money on their property. They go through the home selling and buying process every day – for this reason they are able to warn people of possible dangers and/or inevitable changes.

An example of such “inevitable change” would be something like Congress threatening to get rid of the mortgage-interest deduction. A realtor is on the frontlines, fighting and rallying against congress to support the more beneficial cause for their clients. Everything they do should be for the client. Sure, they are constantly showing real estate, and writing offers and quotes, but these are only a few of the things they do. No two days on the job are the same, and neither are the deals.

No matter the stage you are in your home buying or selling process, the realtor should always be there – advising and helping you. They should be the constant in an ever changing real estate transaction. Can you afford not to have an expert real estate agent working for you?